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Taking care of our renewable resources, James M. Peck is available for all of your Eastern Adirondack logging, forestry services, and excavation needs.

A family business for over 60 years, at Peck Logging and Excavating, Inc. we're always in the market to buy new wood lots, and log private properties too.   On the other hand, if all you need is a timber cruise for valuation purposes, our accredited foresters will be happy to provide those services as well.

Excavating and road building are part of any logger's life, and we're no exception.   Whether it's installing a new septic system, site development for your new home, building or repairing a gravel road, logging your private property, or buying your land, we're always happy for an opportunity to meet someone new and discuss their needs.

Contact: James M. Peck
Phone: 518-494-4981
Cell: 518-744-6974
email: James M. Peck Logging & Excavating, Inc