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"What do you mean rod?"  is often a question we hear from our customers.  To help answer some of those questions or concerns, we have included a 'Glossary of Surveyor Measurements & Terms' to assist you*.  Our Compliments.  


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1 yard 3 feet
1 perch, pole or rod 25 links or 16.5 feet or 5.5 years (perch, pole & road are the same measurement)
4 rods 1 chain
40 rods 1 chain or 1/8 oaf a statute mile of 1 furlong
1 chain - 4 rods = 66 feet = 10 links of 7.92 inches
10 chains 1 furlong
80 chains 1 mile
1 link 1/100 of surveyor's chain = 7.92 inches (note: one link of an engineer's chain = 1 foot)
25 links 1 rod = 16.5 feet
100 links 1 chain = 66 feet
1 furlong 10 chains = 1/8 mile = 220 yards = 660 feet
8 furlongs one mile
16 square rods 1 square chain
10 square chains 1 acre
1 acre 160 square rods or a square parcel of land measures 208.7 feet x 208.7 feet
1 mile 80 chains = 320 rods = 1,760 yards = 5,280 feet
1 league 1.5 miles
1 "oxland" the amount of land one ox (a team of 8) can plough in a year


GLOSSARY OF SURVEYOR TERMS_________________________________________________________________________

Access easement and utility easements Location and width and use should be clearly defined.
Accuracy Degree of conformity with a standard. Accuracy relates to the quality of a result, and is distinguished from precision, which relates to the quality of the operating by which the result is obtained.
Adverse Possession Must include usage wish is open, notorious, exclusive and continuous 10 years.
Course A line or bound described in a survey, running in a given distance and direction.
Course Reversed To follow a line or course in a survey in the opposite direction that it was first described, but with the same distance.
Deed A document under seal which, when delivered, transfers a present interest in a property to another.
Easement Areas of land owned by the property owner, but in which other parties, such as utility companies, may have limited rights granted for a specific purpose.
Encumbrances An interest of partial right in real property which diminished the valued ownership; but does not prevent the transfer of ownership.  Mortgages, taxes, and judgments are encumbrances known as liens.  Restrictions, easements, and reservations are also encumbrances.
Encroachments A structure or part of a structure that occupies the property of another.
Error The difference between a measured value and a true value.  Error in measurement is inherent, but is separate and distinct from a mistake.
Exception From a title insurance policy, portions of the land containing encumbrances and in which free and clear title is subject to certain conditions, from a legal description, portions of the land which are included in the description of a larger parcel of land but then excluded from it by a subsequent legal description.
Grantee Person buying or receiving land.
Grantor Person selling the land.
Home Line The last line or course called in a survey.  The line that returns to the beginning, or first boundary.
Improvement Usually some sort of man-made structure (not literal improvement, but addition of man-made to the property).
Legal Description a method of describing a particular parcel of land in such a way that it uniquely describes the particular parcel and no other.  A legal description may be a simple reference to a it as shown on a subdivision plat, or be described by metes and bounds.  To be adequate, it should be sufficient to locate the property.
Measurement An estimate value that is, by its nature, subject to error.  Two surveyors measuring the same distance may obtain different values.  Both of the values should be similar, but they will only approach the true theoretical value through repetition and statistical analysis.
Metes and Bounds The precisely described boundary lines of a parcel of land (course and distance).
Monument An object placed to mark the physical location of a position.  A property corner monument is often a length of a iron rod driven vertically into the ground so that the top is at, or below, natural grade.  A cap identifying the registration number of the surveyor responsible for placing the monument may be placed on top of the monument.
Offset In boundary - a point located at the extension of a line and marked the direction of the line.  An offset monument may be placed on the extension of a line because the offset position can provide a more durable monument.  A common practice is to place offset monuments in a sidewalk or curb head, as these monuments are less likely to be disturbed than a monument marking the actual position. 

In construction - a short distance usually measured at a right angle to a line, to preserve the position of the line when it is anticipated that points marking the line would be disturbed.

Patent Document issued by the government granting right of title of public land to an individual.
Plat A map of a parcel of land, with actual or proposed features.
Precision The degree of refinement in the performance of an operation, or the degree of perfection in the instruments and methods used when making measurements.  An indication of the uniformity or reproducibility of a result.  Precision relates to the quality of an operation by which a result is obtained, and is distinguished from accurate, which relates to the quality of the result.
Right-of-Way A parcel of land granted by deed or easement for construction and maintenance according to a designated use.  This may include highways, streets, canals, ditches or other uses.
Road and Water Boundaries These lines should be obvious, but roads and shorelines change.
Senior Rights The principle is that you can not convey land you don't own, or you can not sell the same land twice.
Subdivision Plat A legal instrument intended to take a large parcel of land and divide it into smaller parcels of land.  A subdivision plat may also create public rights-of-way or easements, and is usually filed with the public real estate records of the county.
Surveying A blend of several disciplines, from mathematician and law scholar, to expert measurer and translator.  By interpreting the legal description and applying the science of measurement, the surveyor translates a legal description or construction plans into tangible positions on the ground.  These positions then become the basis for construction or for the establishment of a particular location, possibly to show lines of ownership or to document change over time.
Survey Plats Must meet the standards of State and State laws.
Title Commitment A commitment to provide title insurance to a parcel of land.  The surveyor is interested in the legal description and the exceptions.
Tolerance A mathematical term indicating the allowable variation from a standard or from specified conditions.  It is an indication of the accuracy and the precision of a measurement.
Warrant Assignment of land to an individual.  Authorization to survey and patent the land.
XYZ Coordinates A grouping of three numbers which designated the position of a point in relation to a common reference frame.  In common usage, the X and Y coordinate fix the horizontal position of the point, and Z refers to the elevation.

* Definitions attributed to Dr. Ben Buckner (Dec. '94)




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